The Process

Custom home building is a process unique to everyone. However, the basic stages of construction are usually rather predictable.

Before you become too invested in designing your dream home, set up a consultation with your lender and become familiar with the limits of financing available to you. Knowing what you can afford at the start of the process will help ensure that you will be able to make your dreams become a reality.

Knowing what you want out of your home is paramount. Become familiar with home styles, and determine your space requirements. Think about your home from a long-term perspective and what that will mean as your needs change. Make a written list of these requirements for your home. Be sure to separate between things that are absolutely essential and things that are not. Having a list of things on which you can compromise helps when you run into budget restraints.

Finally, develop a set of plans, lock in your budget, and obtain financing. As always, we are happy to assist you in any way as you prepare to build.

Stages of Construction

Stage 1  Foundation
There is always a little uncertainty surrounding the project until this stage is complete. While getting started has its own share of excitement, no one can predict with absolute certainty what will be encountered beneath the soil's surface. However, once the foundation is complete, there should be very few surprises, if any, during the rest of the construction process.

This stage includes the following basic components:

  • Site grading and excavation
  • Masonry foundation
  • Foundation waterproofing
  • Groundwork plumbing
  • Basement slab

Stage 2  Framing
This stage is always exciting as everyone gets to observe dreams become a visual reality. Your home will be framed, windows and doors will be set, decks will be built, and roofing will be completed. Framing can take anywhere from several weeks for a small house to several months for a larger one.

Stage 3  Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical
This phase involves the inner workings of your home.

  • Plumbing
  • Heating/air-conditioning
  • Electrical
  • Security systems
  • Television

Stage 4  Insulation and Drywall

Stage 5  Exterior and Interior Finish
At this stage, all the final details are completed, including all floor coverings and interior trims. The kitchen and all home appliances are installed.

The home's exterior will be painted and all final site work, including a finished driveway and landscaping, will be completed. All home systems will be inspected and tested for functionality. Once everything is complete the home will receive a final county inspection and a certificate of occupancy will be issued.


The last phase of the building process, the final walk-through, should happen before or at closing. At this point, we've built your dream home and now it's time to make absolutely certain you are happy with every detail.

In addition, Solid Rock Properties, LLC proudly stands behind its comprehensive, 1-YEAR BUILDER'S HOME WARRANTY.